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  1. Case Study. Reach out to Lendica for help with writing your first case study.
Subject LineLearn How Lendica Saves [You/Showcase Customer] Time and Money
Suggested Image[Lendica Image] Featured Business
Description 1We have partnered with Lendica offer you financing tools that saves you time and money. Read the case study below to see how [Example Customer/Showcase Customer] tapped into Lendica to get an instant loan approval to help scale their business.
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  1. PayLater Free Trial.
Subject LineUnlock Your Cash Flow Potential with Lendica's $10K Free Trial
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Description 1Experience the financial flexibility you deserve with Lendica's embedded lending feature, now available within your [Partner] platform. Delay payments to your vendors effortlessly, keeping your cash flow smooth and your shelves stocked without immediate financial strain. Take advantage of our limited-time offer: a $10K free trial to help you start leveraging smarter finance solutions today.
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