What is Lendica?

Whether your business customers are looking to order inventory smarter, manage invoices more competitively, or expand to new products or locations, it takes money. The unfortunate reality for many small and medium-sized businesses is, the financial system is not set up to support them. The is where Lendica comes in: We provide fast and affordable financing tools, on-demand for your customers, giving them financial flexibility and the confidence to meet their business goals and grow their empire.

How Lendica Works

We embed financing tools for your customers! Our cash flow management products are designed to help businesses scale with solutions such as PayLater, an inventory finance tool, FundNow, an accounts receivable tool, and DrawDown, a flexible working capital tool. Embedded lending solutions have become a staple to SaaS businesses looking to support their customer base and diversify their revenue mix.

Lendica is the industry standard for embedded SMB lending with instant approval underwriting and a simple interface to discover, on-board, and use all behind your login.