Retrieve Company API key


The /company/token endpoint is crucial for establishing a secure and authenticated connection between Lendica and the company on the partner’s system. This endpoint is responsible for generating and providing a partner_token for a given company, which is subsequently used to authenticate all other requests to the partner API for retrieving company-related data.

When Will Lendica Call This Route?

Lendica will trigger a request to this endpoint following a user's consent to share data within the iBranch. This typically takes place after the user has had the opportunity to review preview offers related to a PayLater bill or a FundNow invoice. The user's consent to share data initiates the process of fetching a partner_token, which is vital for pulling detailed information on invoices or bills from the partner API.

Example Scenario

  1. A user is viewing preview offers for a PayLater bill or a FundNow invoice:

      partner_invoice_uuid: "I0001",
      total: 1000
      partner_invoice_uuid: "B0001",
      total: 1000
  2. Upon the user's consent to proceed, Lendica will call the /company/token endpoint to retrieve a partner_token.

  3. Lendica will then use this token to fetch full details of the invoice or bill from the partner API.


To secure this endpoint, Lendica should receive a separate API key from the partner to be included in the header of this request.

How to Use This Endpoint

HTTP Method: GET

URL: /company/token


  • company_id: The unique identifier of the company within the partner's system.

Required Fields in Response

The response must be a JSON object containing the following field:

  • token: The partner_token required for authenticating subsequent requests.

Example Response

  "token": "abcd1234efgh5678"

HTTP Status Codes

  • 200 OK: The request was successful, and the partner_token was retrieved.
  • 401 Unauthorized: The request was not authenticated. Ensure your API key is valid and included in the request header.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: An error occurred on the server side. Please contact support.
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