Initial sequence sent to introduce Lendica to customers

  1. Introduction (Day 0)
Subject Line Introducing Lendica [PayLater, FundNow Embedded Financing]
Description 1Beginning today, you will notice a new feature on your [insert placement of Lendica]. We are excited to share we have embedded Lendica as a better solution to help you manage your cashflow.

By making capital available within your [Partner] workflow, you now have access to a faster and more affordable credit solution.
Suggested AssetScreenshot of Lendica open within Partner dashboard
Description 2Lendica’s simple credit tools can help you [delay payments to vendors (PayLater)], [speed up collection from customers (FundNow)], and [fund expansion with a line of credit (DrawDown)].

To get started, open your [partner dashboard location (e.g LogoIpsum Purchasing Dashboard)] and start taking control of your cash flow, or follow the link to learn more about how Lendica’s embedded tools can help your business grow.
CTA 1Get started (Link to page w/ Lendica's iBranch)
CTA 2Learn more (Link to Landing Page)
  1. Benefits (Day 7)
Subject Line Lendica’s Embedded Financing Tools Save You Time & Money
Description 1Did you know our embedded lending tool can save you time and money? That’s right - we have integrated Lendica to provide instant access to affordable credit integrated directly into your workflows.
Suggested ImagePartner dashboard showing instant approval
Description 2Lendica’s funding toolkit is built right into [PARTNER] dashboard to reduce the friction in traditional banking. Our one-click insights-transfer allows Lendica to make fast decisions and cut down on expensive banking analysts crunching numbers. See how much time and money you can save by getting started today.
CTA (1)Get started - Application
CTA (2)Learn more - Landing Page
  1. Boost Business Credit (Day 10)
Subject LineBoost Your Business Credit with Lendica🚀
Description 1Did you know our partner Lendica can help you boost your business credit score? That's right - Lendica, a leading digital SMB financier, can help you build business credit with as little as a $5,000 line.
Suggested Image[Lendica Image] Entrepreneur picture with credit score and green arrow pointing up.
Description 2Build your credit as you pay Lendica back. Lendica's fast and affordable finance tools are perfect to help scale your business in its early days. Use PayLater to extend vendor payment terms or DrawDown for big purchases and build your credit while doing so!
CTA (1)Get started - Application
CTA (2)Learn more - Landing Page
  1. Free Trial (Day 14)
Subject LineTry Our New Embedded Lending Partner for FREE 🍾
Description 1Small and medium sized businesses across the country are benefiting from Lendica's fast, affordable financing. We want to put the power of this tools in your hands - for free.
Suggested Image[Lendica Image] Free Trial Card w/ Lendica Entrepreneur Feature
Description 2We are offering a $10,000 free trial of Lendica's PayLater credit line. Boost buying power and improve working capital by delaying vendor directly from your [partner dashboard]. Lendica's embedded tools save businesses time and money - try today and see for yourself!
CTA (1)Claim $10k Free - Application (Trial Campaign)
CTA (2)Learn more - Landing Page (Trial Campaign)