Next Steps

Frontend (1 day)

  • Complete the frontend integration first. The code blocks below include credentials that you can use to get started right away.
  • After adding the code below to your app, Lendica's iBranch widget will be fully functional in a demo mode.
  • The demo mode will provide full iBranch testing functionality:
    • Viewing preview PayLater/FundNow offers
    • Going through an application
  • With the frontend in place, your development work is nearly done.
    • After our backend integration is complete, the app will use live data automatically.

Backend (1-2 weeks)

  • Provide Lendica with a demo account on your platform
  • Lendica will use this period to test the API integration and ensure that all necessary data is shared accurately and securely

Frontend Integration

Insert the following script tag in your application to access the Lendica iBranch widget:

<script src=""></script>

With the script tag added to your codebase, you'll have access to Lendica's full iBranch functionality.
Below are some credentials that you can use to begin testing the frontend in minutes:

partner_namestringThe name of the partner service - you will receive this from Lendica during onboarding'partner_dev', 'partner'
partner_company_uuidstringThe unique ID of the currently logged in company in the partner system'12345'
company_namestringThe name of the company currently logged in'DemoCo'
credentials = {
  partner_name: "partner", // replace with partner name received in your registration email
  partner_company_uuid: "12345", // replace with company ID
  company_name: "DemoCo" // replace with company Name

// Init with credentials
lendica.init(credentials).then(() => {

Open a bill in PayLater

With the above code implemented, add this function to a button in the bill table. Calling this function will fetch the bill and open iBranch to start the PayLater flow.

When the PayLater button is installed properly, clicking it should open a screen like this.

When the PayLater button is installed properly, clicking it should open a screen like this.

 partner_bill_uuid="B0001", // Replace with bill ID
 total=1000 // Replace with bill total

Open an invoice in FundNow

Add this function to a button in the invoice table. Calling this function will fetch the invoice and open iBranch to start the FundNow flow.

When the PayLater button is installed properly, clicking it should open a screen like this.

When the FundNow button is installed properly, clicking it should open a screen like this.

 partner_invoice_uuid="I0001", // Replace with invoice ID
 total=1000 // Replace with invoice total

Backend Integration

What we need

Demo Account:

Partner systems should create a demo account for Lendica on a sandbox server to test the integration.
The account created for Lendica should have a company_name and partner_company_uuid that Lendica can use to initialize the company in our system. Lendica should also be able to create an invoice to test the checkout feature with.

Partner API Authentication


Lendica requires access to partner APIs to retrieve invoice and company data. To ensure secure and relevant data retrieval, we propose the creation of a dedicated authentication endpoint.

Action Steps:

  1. Set Up Authentication Endpoint:
    • Purpose: This endpoint will allow Lendica to obtain a company-specific API token for data requests.
    • Endpoint Format:
      Where {partner_company_uuid} is the unique identifier of the company in your system.
    • Security: Ensure this endpoint is authenticated. We recommend providing Lendica with an API key or another robust authentication method.
  2. Data Retrieval Endpoints:
    • Lendica will adapt its backend to interface seamlessly with your existing APIs.
    • Required Access:
      • Bill Data: Details of individual bills and a comprehensive list of all bills for a company.
      • Invoice Data: Access to both individual invoice details and a list of all invoices for a specific company.
      • Company Profile: Information about the company, including its name, ID, license numbers, and other pertinent details.

Why This Is Important:

The API token obtained from the authentication endpoint will act as a secure key, allowing Lendica to interface with your system. With this token, Lendica can fetch essential data like invoices, bills, and company profiles, ensuring a seamless integration and user experience.

By following these steps, you'll facilitate a secure and efficient data exchange between Lendica and your platform. Should you need further details or assistance to implement this endpoint and grant API access, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process.