Retrieves Lendica deals for a company.

In Lendica's ecosystem, a deal signifies an invoice or bill that has been financed by Lendica.

Request parameters

  • partner_invoice_uuid - optional
    • This is the unique identifier for an invoice or bill as stored in the partner's database. When this identifier is stored in Lendica, it allows for precise tracking and retrieval of specific deals.

Without partner_invoice_uuid: If you make a request without specifying this parameter, the system will return a comprehensive list of all deals associated with the company.

With partner_invoice_uuid: If you include this parameter and there's a corresponding deal in Lendica, the response will contain detailed information about that specific deal.


Deals can have the following statuses:

  • Submitted
    • Invoice/Bill submitted but not yet approved by Lendica.
  • Completed
    • Deal is fully settled and all due amounts have been collected.
  • Early Completed
    • Deal paid off before its term, or early payment conditions met.
  • Current
    • Deal is up-to-date with scheduled payments.
  • Grace Period
    • Payment missed, but within a permissible 5-day grace period.
  • Late
    • Payment overdue for 6 to 60 days.
  • Default
    • Severely overdue. Client has missed a payment for more than 60 days.

Partners are encouraged to monitor these statuses and adapt any necessary workflows or actions within their systems accordingly.

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