This document outlines the process for configuring a Lendica PayLater integration for eCommerce and Shopify websites.

What is Checkout?

Welcome to Checkout. Checkout is an instant-decision, B2B pay-over-time tool built right into your customer's checkout experience. With just a few lines of code, your customers can access advanced payment options right from your generated invoices or B2B shopping carts.

How does it work?

Checkout is a javascript library that is injected into your SaaS platform. The customer will click on the Checkout and PayLater button and launch the instant-decision application and term selection. The integration involves configuring Lendica's frontend API to display the button and a backend API connection to share details around the invoice or bill, relationship between the buyer and seller, and user authentication.

What do I need to get started?

Before you can initialize Checkout, you will need to get your partner token and API key. To get your Lendica tokens, please reach out to your Lendica representative. If you are new to Lendica, please schedule a call with the New Partners team to see if Lendica is right for you.

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